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Springbank 18YO Single Malt Scotch Whisky

"Bittersweet - for hardened romantics only!" Jonny McCormick, World Whisky Awards 2012.

Springbank 18yo single malt whisky is rare in its own unique way. Produced by hand in Scotland, this earthy and fruity blend is the perfect companion for slow appreciation.

Springbank has been a family owned business since 1828, and still conducts human involvement at each and every stage of the process. Springbank runs its whole production process in-house from the cutting of peat and malting of the barley (6 hours over a peat fire) through to the partial triple distillation process and the bottling of the final product.

The 18yo single malt opens up with a muscular sherry presence and a soft oaky welcoming.With subtlety of an enjoyable fruit mix, underneath is a layer of roasted grains, very gentle smoke and hints of marzipan and vanilla. The elaboration of this whisky gradually increases over time.

With a phenomenally pronounced aroma, taste and balanced finish this whisky should remain a staple in the cabinet of any malt anorak.

> Rated 90.5 in the 2013 Whisky Bible

> 2012 & 2010 World Whisky Awards – Best Campbeltown Malt (this award relates to the bottling we stock which is the second release of the 18 year old, lilac label)

Tasting Notes
The mouth is deliciously complex, with a mix of smoothness and bitterness. The subtle complexity of tropical fruits coincides well with the gentle mixture of oak, warm marzipan, and toasted vanilla. The nose is marked by slight citrus hints, with a smoky
Product Detail

“Busy in the wonderful Springbank way; delicate greenage and date…yummy, mouthwatering barley and green banana. Fresh with excellent light acacia honey; fabulous oak layering, including chocolate.” Jim Murray 2013

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Springbank 18YO Lilac label

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